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Does TMS Work?

Why Isn’t My Depression Medication Working?

Suffering from depression goes well beyond “feeling down sometimes.” We’re fortunate that, compared with attitudes of earlier generations, mental illnesses and conditions carry much less stigma. However, as many as two-thirds of depression sufferers experience little-to-no relief from the first medication they try.

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So, millions of people with depression feel they’re back to “square one” as far as getting help. Maybe the diagnosis isn’t accurate (and they actually have OCD or bipolar disorder). Maybe there’s an issue with the medication. Alternatively, individuals may need different or additional interventions like TMS. If you suffer from OCD in Philadelphia, you should make us your first call.

We treat OCD and offer TMS in Philadelphia.

Frankly, if you’re suffering from depression and your medication isn’t getting you results, what does it matter whyit isn’t working? Common reasons medication fails includes:

  • The medication may not be what works best with your internal chemistry. A similar dose of a different medicine may be all you need.
  • The dosage you’re currently taking may not be enough to manifest a change (please keep in mind that certain antidepressants may take 4-12 weeks to take effect).
  • You may need an additional medication that works in concert with what you’re taking now.
  • Your depression may respond to an additional intervention like Ketamine infusions or TMS

The crucial step here is to sit with your doctor and discuss - honestly - all of your dietary and treatment habits. Develop a treatment plan together and stick to it very carefully. Consistency and dedication to a comprehensive recovery regimen will keep you focused and allow both you and your doctor to isolate what is working and what isn’t. 

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