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Five Main Categories of OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is when an individual suffers from obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors. Many who deal with OCD are unable to turn off these distractions, which often interfere with their daily lives. We help provide the best OCD therapy Philadelphia has to offer.

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There are many different types of OCD. While they all include obsessive behavior, there are five common subtypes.

  1. Hoarding - Hoarding is a recent addition to the DSM-5. When someone hoards, they collect items that are typically viewed as having no value.
  2. Washing and Cleaning Compulsions - This subtype comes with feelings of uncomfortableness due to contamination. You may find yourself continually washing your hands and cleaning your home to alleviate these feelings. You are obsessed with germs and the thought of contaminating yourself or others.
  3. Obsessions with Non Visible Compulsions - These compulsions are not visible but are associated with compulsive thoughts. The thoughts are often related to religious or sexual themes. These are intrusive thoughts, and many individuals develop mental compulsions to combat them.
  4. Harm Obsessions - This subtype deals with thoughts of harming yourself or others and often comes with checking compulsions. For example, you may find yourself always driving by your home to ensure there is no fire.
  5. Obsessions with Counting, Ordering, and Arranging Compulsions - With this subtype, you find yourself arranging or ordering things until they are “just right.” Repeatedly saying a phrase or words comes with this subtype as well.

Depression Therapy Philadelphia

If you’re suffering from OCD, depression therapy in Philadelphia can help. Call us today. We help provide the best OCD therapy Philadelphia has to offer.


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