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Does TMS Work?

TMS and Its Effects on Autism

TMS, also known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a noninvasive treatment designed to treat or study mental health and neurological conditions. TMS works by stimulating the neurons or cells in the brain with electromagnetic fields. Now, TMS is popular with those suffering from depression. As a leading depression therapy Philadelphia company, we utilize TMS in many of our treatments.

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But many are wondering if TMS works for other types of issues. Can TMS work for those with autism?

Now, the effects of TMS on autism are still in the infancy of research. Not a lot of data has been gathered - Most articles are reviews or theoretical. Most studies conducted include single sessions. The clinical studies conducted feature a small number of participants. Not a single study included more than 200 participants. The minimal research and the small number of participants make it impossible to conclude whether TMS positively affects autism.

However, there is some good news. Many of the clinical studies did show positive correlations between TMS and autism. TMS relieved some of the symptoms those with autism suffer from. Studies showed that TMS reduced the following symptoms:

  1. Irritability
  2. Eye-hand coordination
  3. Social skills
  4. Repetitive behaviors

Autism Therapy Philadelphia

While the studies are promising, we suggest caution when considering TMS to treat autism. Many things need to be considered when thinking about treating autism with TMS. Ask your doctor about the appropriate dosage, the side effects, and what parts of the brain are treated.

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