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Does TMS Work?

What Are My Options for Treating OCD in Philadelphia?

There is much promising research suggesting that TMS therapy (transcranial magnetic stimulation) helps with OCD. TMS therapy should not be your first option when diagnosed with OCD in Philadelphia, but instead should be used as a life preserver if first treatment plans do not work. If you suffer from OCD in Philadelphia, you should know that there are services that can help you take control of your life.

OCD PhiladelphiaOCD therapy has been helping so many people that have lost normal lives to this terrible disorder. We offer the best OCD therapy Philadelphia has to offer.

An ideal candidate for TMS therapy is someone that has not responded to other CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and medication. TMS therapy targets areas deep in the brain that neuroscientists claim causes OCD, although the cause is not confirmed. For many individuals, all they need to do to get better is to adjust their brain chemistry, and transcranial magnetic stimulation is known to do just that. It is a known fact that medications designed to alter brain function do not always work. In some cases, the side effects are much worse than the problem the drugs are treating. The best OCD therapy Philadelphia has can help you feel better.

OCD Philadelphia

TMS does things differently than traditional methods of treating OCD. Medications typically target neurotransmitters, whereas TMS deals more with the neural network functions that communicate from different parts of the brain. We hope that more research is done and that TMS becomes more noticeable as an alternative treatment method for those suffering from OCD.

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