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Does TMS Work?

TMS Therapy in Philadelphia

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  • Accepted By Most Insurance Providers
  • An Out-Patient Treatment
  • Non-invasive & Has Minimal/Treatable Side Effects
  • A Simple Procedure That Requires No Anesthesia
  • A Treatment Backed by Years of Reliable Data
  • FDA Approved for Treating Depression
  • Approved To Work on Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • Known To Treat Other Mental Issues (PTSD, Anxiety, OCD)
  • A Great Alternative to ECT
  • Quick Treatment That Lets You Get Back to Daily Life
TMS Philadelphia
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TMS Therapy Philadelphia
Depression Therapy Philadelphia

Patient Testimonials

Before I underwent TMS, I was struggling with emotional flashbacks to adverse childhood experiences as well as depression/anxiety. I would sporadically cry uncontrollably when dealing with an emotional flashback. The circumstances that would cause these were unpredictable as well. For example, once, I had a terrible flashback while watching a TV show and felt incredibly angry and sad for the rest of the day. Read More
Before Deep TMS, I experienced Seasonal Depression, Major Depression, lack of energy, and strong feelings of hopelessness. I had gone through and completed traditional methods of: 1 year+ of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), anti-depressants, the use of a Sun Lamp, and diet and exercise. These methods helped momentarily or for a block period of time, but they did not ever really give me full relief that my depression was fully gone. After Deep TMS Read More
Before TMS I wasn’t sure I would be able to continue with my life. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of anxiety and depression due to what I would later find is C-PTSD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Medications and therapy offered diminishing returns and I felt I was coming to the end of my options. In a fortunate turn of events, my insurance changed to a plan that covered TMS and suddenly I had access to another option. Read More
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