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Understanding OCD and How to Treat It

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is considered a brain-based anxiety disorder that causes significant problems for those suffering from the disorder. An obsession is an idea, a thought, or an image that won’t go away. They stick around, like an itch you can’t scratch. The obsessions are fixtures in a person’s life, and they are not enjoyable.

OCD Therapy PhiladelphiaOCD can take over a person's life, but that should not be the case. Visit our office for the best OCD therapy Philadelphia has to offer.

Obsessions are typically grouped into different areas, which include:

  1. Aggression- the fear of harming the self or others
  2. Contamination- the fear of dirt and germs
  3. Sexual- the constant thoughts of sexual behavior

OCD should not be confused with typical obsessions that are experienced by almost everyone. The main difference is that these obsessions are less frequent, less intense, and come with less discomfort. Those that suffer from OCD attach significant meaning to thoughts that are small for other people. For those with OCD, the nagging obsession won’t go away. Reach out for the best OCD therapy Philadelphia has to offer.

Those that suffer from OCD genuinely believe there is little to nothing they can do to help themselves, but that is not true. TMS therapy is a new treatment that has had amazing results for many people.

Although TMS therapy is commonly used for depression, it has recently begun being used to treat symptoms of OCD. The treatment is also known to help with PTSD and drug addiction.

People that suffer from OCD have options for treatment, If you have tried medication, but it didn’t work, you should consider visiting our office for OCD therapy in Philadelphia.

If you suffer from OCD in Philadelphia, you should not hesitate to give our doctors and team a call.

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