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Common Symptoms of OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder, which is more commonly referred to as OCD, affects many people worldwide. It affects both adults and children, and it does not care about social status. Most often, people will notice OCD developing during late childhood or adolescence. OCD tends to stick with a person as they mature. OCD symptoms usually get worse with time.

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People that are affected by OCD tend to experience persistent and recurrent thoughts, impulses, and images. The thoughts are unwanted and intrusive, like an obsession. To quiet OCD symptoms, people frequently perform ritualistic actions that tend to be time-consuming, excessive, and distressing.

Those that suffer from OCD tend to be aware of their issues. They commonly recognize what they are doing is obsessive and excessive in nature, but the struggle and feel unable to resist urges.

The most common symptoms of OCD include:

  • Needing to know and remember things
  • Concerns with exactness, symmetry, and orderliness
  • Fear of being contaminated by dirt, germs, poisons, and environmental substances
  • Intrusive thoughts about accidents, sex, and violence
  • Excessive ideas about religion, morality, and illness
  • Fear of accidents or death to self or others.
  • Excessive sense of responsibility for keeping people safe

OCD can take over a person’s life, but that should not be the case. If you suffer from OCD in Philadelphia, you should know that there are treatments for you. Visit our office for the best OCD therapy Philadelphia has to offer.


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