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Why do I Suffer from Depression?

Depression Help Philadelphia

Depression Help Philadelphia

Unfortunately, there is no single answer as to why a person begins to suffer from depression. It is widely considered a complex imbalance of brain chemicals that are brought on by a varying array of different causes. It would be easy to treat depression if it boiled down to a simple equation of having too little or too much of a designated brain chemical. Going for depression help in Philadelphia can help you narrow down your cause.

Some of the commonly accepted causes of depression include:

  1. Genetics
  2. Faulty mood regulation
  3. Stress/trauma
  4. Medical issues
  5. Seasonal changes
  6. Medications

The above list scratches the surface as to why and how people suffer. Although an individual’s depression comes about for different reasons, they stem from chemicals in the brain. The problem with treating depression is that the brain comprises a vast network of different neurons and chemicals, and depression does not trigger the same in everyone’s brain.

As a result of difficulties with identifying what causes depression, treating the illness is almost just as difficult. There are many different treatments, and it is important to recognize that no two people respond the same. Although many respond well to anti-depression medications, some people have harsh reactions. Some people suffer from treatment-resistant depression, which means methods like TMS therapy are valuable options. This is one of the best options for depression help Philadelphia. Reach out for a helping hand today!

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