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What Does TMS Therapy in Philadelphia Treat

TMS therapy is mostly used to treat depression in individuals that do not find comfort from therapy and medication. For many individuals, anti-depression medication is more than enough to reduce negative feelings. For others, these pills either do nothing or make matters worse. In situations like this, the best TMS therapy Philadelphia has to offer is a great alternative.

TMS PhiladelphiaThe best TMS therapy Philadelphia has to offer is a great option for those suffering from depression and who have found little to no relief with traditional treatment methods.

Many individuals achieve full remission from symptoms for an extended period, and many recent studies back up the value of the treatment. Insurance companies are now covering TMS therapy in Philadelphia because of how promising the results have been. It is important to keep in mind that the results of TMS Philadelphia vary between patients.

Besides being used to treat depression, it turns out that TMS therapy also has other applications. These include:

TMS for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – in 2018, the FDA approved OCD for the treatment of OCD. Before turning to TMS, a person needs to try traditional treatment methods, including psychotherapy and medication. More studies need to be conducted, but some suggest that TMS can inhibit the activity in the parts of the brain that are often thought to control OCD.

TMS Therapy Philadelphia

TMS for Anxiety – studies suggest that TMS therapy Philadelphia may ease anxiety. Depression and anxiety are often linked, so doctors and researchers think that the two can be treated in the same way. According to a study in 2019, TMS therapy may reduce activity in the prefrontal cortex (known to affect anxiety).

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