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TMS Therapy and Autism

TMS therapy is a noninvasive treatment that stimulates the brain with the use of electromagnetic fields. The practice is widely used for depression therapy in Philadelphia. TMS therapy is designed for patients who do not respond to traditional therapy medical treatments. While many studies showcase the benefits between TMS and depression, what other types of patients may benefit from TMS therapy?

TMS Therapy PhiladelphiaTMS in Philadelphia can help people lessen depression symptoms when medication has failed or has too many adverse side effects.

Doctors and researchers have begun studying the advantages of those with autism. The research linking autism treatment to TMS therapy is in the early stages, with only a handful of clinical trials conducted. However, the few studies do suggest that TMS may help relieve autism symptoms, such as repetitive behaviors and irritability. Studies also suggest it can help to improve social skills and eye-hand coordination affected by autism.

Most of the research conducted was with adult men. Few studies have used children as subjects. The clinical trials also excluded patients with epilepsy or intellectual disability, which often coincide with autism.

Due to the limitations of the trials, we recommend caution when linking TMS therapy and autism. Autism therapy Philadelphia treatments are still in the early stages. But many patients treated for their autism symptoms with TMS therapy have responded well, so we’re confident that with a few more studies, we may be able to draw a conclusion between autism and TMS.

TMS Therapy Philadelphia

There are just a few more questions we need to answer before we’re able to link autism and TMS fully. What is the proper dose and who is the best candidate are some of the things we need to research thoroughly.


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