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Important Facts About Treatment Resistant Depression

Depression is common in the United States. So much so that the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that more than 16 million adults (as of 2016) suffered from at least a single depressive episode. It is important to understand that everyone's response to depression and treatments are different, and as a result, not feels relief from anti-depression medication and therapy. When a person does not respond positively to traditional methods of dealing with depression, it is diagnosed as treatment-resistant depression. For more detailed information on treatment-resistant depression (TRD) you should reach out for the best TMS Philadelphia has to offer you.

There are four major things to know about treatment-resistant depression.

Age, health, and gender are thought to play a factor in treatment-resistant depression. Unfortunately, there is no way to know who will and will not respond to treatments. Although nothing is certain, it seems that senior citizens and women suffer from TRD at higher rates than others. Also, individuals that endure an extreme or frequent recurring bout of depression at often more susceptible.

Depression Therapy Philadelphia, TMS philadelphiaTMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy is most commonly known as a treatment for depression. TMS in Philadelphia can help people lessen depression symptoms when medication has failed or has too many adverse side effects.

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Biological depression is still a mystery, but the most commonly applied theory is that low brain levels neurotransmitters (norepinephrine and serotonin). These two transmitters are known to be responsible for controlling feelings of well-being and happiness. Recent studies are suggesting that there may be other factors besides neurotransmitters. As a result, antidepressants that increase serotonin and norepinephrine do not always work.

There is currently much research being conducted on TRD. For example, scientics at Janssen (a leading pharmaceutical group) are engaging research to help people with TRD. They are testing different pathways in the brain to get a better understanding of how depression so that they can create new and improved medicastions and treatments.

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As research is being conducted, individuals still have options for reducing feelings of depression. TMS therapy Philadelphia is an alternate solution to dealing with depression when traditional methods of treatment do not work.

You are not suffering alone. Our team is here to help you and your loved ones.

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