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Is TMS a Good Option for Depression Therapy in Philadelphia

Struggling with depression can be a full-time job you hate. It can affect almost every aspect of a person's life to the point where depression becomes debilitating. For many of these people, traditional depression treatments (depression mediation and depression therapy Philadelphia). Unfortunately, not everyone responds the same to medication and therapy. Some individuals suffer worse because of medication side effects. These individuals are not hopeless because there is a relatively new and safe way to treat depression in Philadelphia: TMS therapy.

Depression Help Philadelphia

Depression Help Philadelphia, TMS philadelphia

The FDA approved transcranial magnetic stimulation in 2008 to treat major depression, and since then, the treatment has been offered as a highly successful option for adults suffering from a major depressive disorder. Depression therapy Philadelphia can help you and your family.

Who is a candidate for TMS therapy?
  1. You must be at least 18 years or older. The procedure is not meant for children. If you are over 70, you want to first speak with your physician about transcranial magnetic stimulation's viability.
  2. You must have tried depression medication and psychotherapy first. In many cases, a TMS physician requires that a patient first goes through two rounds of antidepressants before suggesting TMS therapy. This therapy works for those that have no response to medication and those that have adverse effects.

TMS philadelphia

If you meet the two above qualifications, you should strongly consider how depression therapy in Philadelphia can help you. No one should have to suffer from depression alone. Our talented team has a singular goal of helping you and your loved ones get better.

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