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Preparing for TMS Therapy

TMS therapy (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is conducted as a noninvasive procedure that has been proven to help people suffering from different symptoms. The process uses magnetic fields to stimulate neurons and cells in the brain. The therapy is most often given to those who suffer from a drug-resistant form of depression, but much positive research is being done to show the therapy's efficacy for other neurological disorders. For more information, reach out for a TMS therapy session in Philadelphia.

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If you are ready for the best TMS Philadelphia has to offer, there are several things you can do to best prepare yourself. Before reaching out for TMS, you should get a physical and psychiatric exam. This evaluation process ensures that TMS Philadelphia is a safe and effective option for your specific issues. When meeting with doctors, be sure to tell them if you are pregnant or expecting to be. You must also make sure they know about any implanted medical device because any metal in the body can alter the outcome of TMS therapy.

It is also important to keep in mind that transcranial magnetic stimulation does not require anesthesia, and the side effects are often minimal. It is an outpatient treatment, which means that you do not need to arrange for a ride to and from the office (you can drive yourself). It is always nice for your first appointment to have support, but it is unnecessary.

TMS therapy is popular because of many individuals' resounding results. As a result of its growing popularity, many insurance companies are beginning to cover TMS Philadelphia.

TMS Therapy Philadelphia

If you suffer from depression and nothing you have tried helps you feel better, you should give our office a call to find out more about TMS therapy.

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