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Is TMS Therapy Safe?

TMS therapy Philadelphia

As of 2008, the FDA has approved TMS therapy as a safe and effective way to treat depression. The technique uses electromagnetic stimulation to inactive areas of the brain responsible for controlling mood and behavior. Considering it is a relatively new treatment, many people do not know about it. As a result of the unknown, many people are fearful of a new treatment. Simply put, TMS is safe, and it can be trusted. If you need depression therapy Philadelphia, you should strongly consider turning to TMS therapy.

TMS therapy is administered in a doctor's office and does not require being admitted to the hospital for overnight stays. Doctors do not need to use anesthesia or pain medication because treatments are comfortable. Any mild discomfort is often stopped with an over-the-counter pain pill.

There are side effects associated with TMS, but those are often seen as minimal. They also do not often persist once the TMS session is over. The most common side effects associated with TMS include:

  • Headache
  • Discomfort at the site of stimulation
  • Twitching and tingling of facial muscles
  • Lightheadedness

During a session, patients are closely monitored by technicians and doctors, so the stimulation levels are adjusted to reduce any potential issues. During a normal TMS session, you sit comfortably with the ability to read or play on a phone. If you have had any doubts about this depression therapy in Philadelphia, you should reconsider your stance. Reach out for the best depression therapy Philadelphia has to offer.

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