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Is Depression Therapy in Philadelphia Scary?

Depression Therapy Philadelphia

It is common for people to feel uncomfortable and scared of new medical procedures. Doing research and finding great results can still leave a person with fear and anxiety. They typically think, “what if something goes wrong for me?” After successful treatments, those that were once fearful now often praise the treatment. This is often the case with TMS therapy. TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a safe and effective treatment of resistant depression and other mental issues like OCD, anxiety, and PTSD. Reach out to us for the best TMS therapy Philadelphia has to offer. If you need help, reach out for the best depression therapy Philadelphia has to offer.

What is TMS therapy?

TMS is a therapy that is mainly used for depression. It is designed for individuals that have tried and not had success with traditional depression treatments. TMS is a great alternative to more intense therapies like electroshock. TMS therapy is FDA approved for fighting depression, and it requires no medication, sedation, or hospital stays. Once the treatment is over, you can go back to daily life as normal. Some side effects are associated with the treatment, but they are mostly minimal. Tingling skin near treatment areas, small headaches, and sensitivity to touch in the area after treatments. These side effects go away quickly and often do not persist with subsequent treatments. It is important to note that you need to make a real commitment for TMS to succeed. You need to go for 3-5 treatments a week for several weeks before any results are felt.

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Looking for TMS Philadelphia & Depression Help Philadelphia? Then you have come to the right place. Now Brainsway TMS is FDA cleared for OCD. The TMS protocol offered at Spark TMS is established for the patient under the direct supervision of Andrew Peshek, M.D.