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Important Information About Depression Therapy Philadelphia

TMS therapy helps many people that suffer from depression. Therapy and medication do not always work for everyone, and when that happens, transcranial magnetic stimulation becomes a valuable option. TMS therapy is a relatively new treatment, but studies suggest that it has amazing results for people that cannot take depression medication. Getting to know the treatment helps a person to get the most out of treatments. For more information about depression therapy Philadelphia, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

Depression Therapy Philadelphia

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When can a person use TMS therapy?

The first treatment a person should try is medication and therapy. After making a real attempt with traditional depression treatments (with no success), TMS therapy is the next option to consider. TMS depression therapy Philadelphia is not the first line of defense against depression.

What does a person experience during a typical session?

During a treatment session, a person has electrodes placed on their head (near the forehead). After that, the machine is turned on, and magnetic pulses are sent to brain areas that control mood and behavior. Magnetic waves are administered in brief pulses. During treatments, TMS physicians measure the patient's motor threshold. A person comfortably reclines throughout the treatment.

What happens after treatment?

A person can go right back to work and daily life after sitting for TMS Therapy. The treatments are non-invasive and require no anesthesia. There are also no hospital stays associated with the treatment.

Are there risks and side effects?

Like with most medical procedures, there are some side effects. The effects are minimal, and they are known to go away quickly. People typically complain about headaches and lightheadedness for an hour or so after treatments. In the worst-case scenario, which is rare, a person can have a seizure. When TMS is administered under the careful watch of a TMS physician, TMS therapy is incredibly safe and reliable.

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