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Three Important Facts About TMS Philadelphia

Any new type of medical treatment causes some level of stress and anxiety: it is just natural to feel this way. In most cases, learning about treatments significantly reduces feelings of dread and replaces them with hope. It would be helpful if you took the time to get informed about why the procedure is given, how its administered, and what to expect after is greatly beneficial.

TMS philadelphia

TMS therapy is administered to a specific group of individuals that suffer from depression (treatment-resistant depression). Many individuals do not get better with standard depression treatments, like anti-depression medication and therapy. In some cases, the anti-depression medication complicates and makes life harder for those suffering. These individuals are not helpless; they are ideal candidates for TMS therapy. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is only administered to those diagnosed with depression and have first tried traditional methods of fighting depression.

The first thing to know about how TMS is administered is that it is a non-invasive treatment that does not require hospitalization, anesthesia, or time-off from work. You come into our TMS Philadelphia center, and we sit you comfortably in a nice chair. Once comfortable, a TMS technician places a probe gently onto your scalp (near the forehead). Magnetic pulses pass through the skin and skull and target areas of the brain known to control mood and behavior.

TMS philadelphia

After a TMS Therapy Philadelphia session, you can go back to work, take care of daily errands, or anything else. You may experience a minor headache after some sessions, but those go away quickly. This procedure's side effects are minimal, and the result is typically positive (results vary on an individual basis).

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Looking for TMS Philadelphia & Depression Help Philadelphia? Then you have come to the right place. Now Brainsway TMS is FDA cleared for OCD. The TMS protocol offered at Spark TMS is established for the patient under the direct supervision of Andrew Peshek, M.D.