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Does TMS Therapy Work for Depression?

Some people who suffer from depression won’t respond to antidepressants or sessions with a therapist. What are your options if you’re one of these people? If you have not responded to traditional depression treatments, consider TMS therapy.

Depression Therapy PhiladelphiaTMS in Philadelphia can help people lessen depression symptoms when medication has failed or has too many adverse side effects.

TMS is a new form of depression treatment for patients 18 and over. It’s a noninvasive treatment that stimulates the brain by using magnetic pulses. Because it’s noninvasive, patients go back to their regular activities after the procedure. Most patients bring books or headphones to occupy themselves during the sessions.

The results of TMS therapy have been overwhelmingly positive. Patients report a decrease in depression symptoms, while many state their symptoms go away completely. The effectiveness of TMS therapy will vary with each patient.

After the completion of your TMS sessions, your doctor may recommend ongoing treatment. Your doctor may suggest you continue medication or psychotherapy to treat your depression symptoms. There is also a chance that your depression may return after you completed TMS therapy. When this occurs, TMS treatment can be administered again, which is called re-induction. Speak with your health insurance to find out if they cover re-induction.

The research on TMS is still ongoing, so with time, new techniques for administering the treatment will develop. The latest studies may help to ensure that more patients see positive results from TMS therapy.

Depression Therapy Philadelphia

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