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Most Common Reasons People Feel Depressed

Millions of Americans suffer from depression yearly. There is not one conclusive reason that leads to depression. There is a multitude of factors, including hormones and lifestyle. Remember that there is help for those who suffer. If medicine or traditional therapy does not work, consider TMS therapy. We offer the best depression therapy Philadelphia has to offer. Call us today.

Depression Therapy PhiladelphiaTMS in Philadelphia can help people lessen depression symptoms when medication has failed or has too many adverse side effects.

What’s causing you to feel depressed?

  1. Vitamin D - Did you know that a vast majority of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency. Some studies suggest that those suffering from this deficiency are more likely to suffer from depression.
  2. Hormones - Your endocrine glands that influence many of your bodily functions are what produce hormones. Hormonal growth, especially those produced by thyroid glands, plays a factor in depression. Sometimes a physician will prescribe medication to help regulate hormones.
  3. Stress - When the stresses in the world begin to build up, it can lead to depression. Common stressors, such as money, loneliness, job demands, and family issues, often leave us depleted. Without ample time to recover and destress, depression sets in.
  4. The Weather - Seasonal Affective Disorder affects a subgroup of people who deal with depression symptoms during the winter months. The lack of sun leads to feelings of depression. Those affected by the weather often see their moods lighten when the spring weather sets in.
  5. Brain Chemicals - For some, brain chemicals make you more susceptible to suffering from depression. Studies suggest that the chemical galanin makes some less resilient to bounce back after stressful situations.


Depression Therapy Philadelphia

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