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Common Signs of Depression

Usually, the more one knows about depression, the better equipped they are to fight against it. In the United States, depression is rather common, and it is a severe mood disorder. Depression causes symptoms that affect the way a person thinks, feels, and handles daily activities. What might seem easy for most, such as working, eating, and sleeping, can become challenging.

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Those suffering from depression can feel lost, like they are in a black hole. Trying to be mindful of certain signs, within yourself and others, is the best way to identify and treat depression. It is important to note that depression varies from person to person, and each can display different signs and symptoms. Typically, the more symptoms a person displays, the worse the depression is.

The most common signs of depression include:

  • A bleak outlook on life: if you or someone you love speaks negatively about themselves, their job, their friends, and the world around them, you may want to figure out why there is so much anger and rage. Those people, the ones that feel like nothing will change their situation, can benefit from depression treatments like TMS therapy.
  • Losing interest quickly: did you used to love doing certain things, but now the joy is gone? Do you know someone in this situation? People indeed fall out of their hobbies, but a loss of interest in daily activities across the board is a big sign of depression.
  • Rapid weight and appetite changes: big fluctuations in body size and eating habits, both ways, is also sometimes an indicator of depression.

Depression Therapy Philadelphia

Be mindful, keep an open eye, and talk to the people you love. Depression is a severe problem and affects anyone. Speak out for help!


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